Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Piper's 2nd Birthday Party - "Tea for Two"

This past weekend, our baby, Piper Grace, turned two. We had a "Tea for Two" birthday party for her, and it was so much fun!

We rented a log cabin for Piper's birthday party, and we had a lot of fun making it look pretty.

My husband helped me decorate the night before the party. We got our first-ever paid babysitter so that we could take our time and inevitably stay out way too late, working on all of the finishing touches for the party. It was a nice relaxing way to decorate and prepare ourselves for our baby's second birthday party.

I had the idea to set up our canopy in the log cabin, as a way to designate a child's play area. My husband thought of stringing lights in the canopy, and it turned out so beautiful.

Piper loved the lights, and when she first arrived at the party, she spent a lot of time just sitting under the canopy, playing with her toys and eating the marshmallows. It was so cute!

One of my favorite moments of the party was right before everyone showed up, Piper and I played "tea party", which in Piper's eyes was actually a "soup party". She calls the tea cups "soup". It's kind of funny. We probably should have called it a "Soup for Two" party.

Once everyone arrived, Piper had fun playing with all of her friends. The balloons were a big hit with the kids!

As much as Piper loved playing with the balloons, I think her favorite part of the party was when she got to blow out the candles and eat her cupcake. She made quite the mess, and we had quiet the laugh about it, too.

She's not our child at all -- haha.

The cupcakes were pretty amazing.

Piper got a lot of gifts and had a lot of fun.

I can't believe our baby, the one we never knew we could even have; the one we prayed for endlessly; the one who we almost lost in the delivery room; the one who stole our breath and hearts away with her first cries; the one who made us parents, has already turned two. 

This past weekend, we had so much fun celebrating Piper's 2nd birthday with our immediate family and friends. God is good and we are so thankful.


  1. What an adorable party and she is just beautiful! Happy Birthday Piper!!