Friday, January 20, 2017

Tomorrow My Baby Turns Two

Watching your baby grow is bitter-sweet, with an extra emphasis on the sweet.

My sweet little Piper Grace turns TWO tomorrow, and we have been feeling all the feels over here. My husband and I get teary-eyed any time we talk about how big she's gotten. While we loved her in her baby stage, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to watch her grow into the little person she has already become.

Our two-way conversations with Piper are starting become even more meaningful. I love to hear her opinions on things. I also love to hear all of her questions and to get a further glimpse into the way she comprehends the world around her. She can repeat anything you say, and she comes up with a lot of new sentences on her own, already. This stage is so great!

Tomorrow, we get to celebrate Piper's second birthday with a party on her actual birthday. I love it when that happens! I can already imagine Piper enjoying her first day as a two year old, running around the log cabin we rented out for her party, surrounded by many of those who love her. I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

In the meantime, we've got a lot of last minute things to wrap up for the party and some decorating to do at the log cabin. Tonight is going to be a sweet night for my husband and I. We got a baby sitter to watch Piper, after she has fallen asleep. That way, we can go and take our time, just the two of us, to finish up all the decorating at the log cabin. 

I remember doing this same thing for my baby shower. Nick and I were up until almost midnight, taking our time on all of the final touches. When we were finished decorating, we just stood there and looked around the quiet room together in awe. The moments I remember from that night, with just the two of us, were almost surreal. We talked about where we've been, and how we got to this very moment now. It was special.

Those quiet moments are so necessary for us, at times of change. Another year has passed with our sweet girl, and I want to reflect on these wonderful times we're in, before they've too gone to pass. 

Unfortunately, I know all to well that you can't freeze time, but the closest thing I've found to doing it is to take some quiet moments to reflect and realize exactly where you are in this moment. It helps us to appreciate it all, that much more.

Tonight, will be great. Tomorrow will be even greater. Piper's party is a tea-themed brunch, so with all of the decorating done tonight, we can just wake up and enjoy the day with our newly two year old girl. We are so blessed.

The next time you'll hear from me will be Monday, where I will share my second weigh-in for my current weight-loss challenge. Have a great weekend!

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