Monday, February 13, 2017

Comeback Stronger than Setback

I am just about halfway through my HealthyWage challenge and I have some great news to report! {Don't know what I'm talking about? Read more about my challenge, here: Goal of Losing's HealthyWage Challenge}

My HealthyWage challenge has been going on since January 6th and will continue until March 16 - 31st. The earliest we can weigh-in with our results is March 16th, but we have until the end of the month to weigh-in {if we haven't quite reached our goal by that time}. I am shooting for a March 16th final weigh-in!

The goal of the challenge is to lose about 6% of your body weight in about 12 weeks. For me, a 6% loss comes out to about 15 pounds. As of now, we are about halfway into the challenge and I am more than halfway finished with my goal!

Our initial weigh-in was on a Friday, and so I have been weighing in on Fridays ever since. Here are my weigh-in results for the first half of my challenge.

January 6th: 253.8 lbs.
January 13th: 247.5 lbs.
January 20: 246.5 lbs.
January 27: 246.3 lbs.
February 3: 241.5 lbs.
February 10: 243.7 lbs

If you notice, I've gained about 2 pounds since the beginning of February. When I weighed in on February 3rd, it was the day before my birthday-weekend celebration. We splurged a bit that weekend, and the week after wasn't great; it took me quite a few days to get back on track. Now, we're here: the first day of week six. I'm ready to put all that behind me and continue on.

A 10 pound loss in 6 weeks is a great success. I keep having to tell myself this because I am a little bummed about my 2 lb. gain last week. It's silly to be upset, though. I know all too well that weight-loss is not a straight and narrow path. Life happens and failing is part of the process.

I saw a quote the other day that helped me get out of my little funk:

My goal this week is to make my comeback stronger than my setback! Whether my strong comeback is in the form of a bigger loss than my gain on the scale, or just the success of knowing that I put in a good week's work toward living a healthier life. This week is going to be a strong comeback week!

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