Monday, February 20, 2017

Stay the Course

You guys... I am fully on track to reach my 6% weight loss goal for my HealthyWage Challenge. I can't even explain how excited I am about that!

I don't even feel like losing this weight has been very hard, per say. It's just been a struggle of consistency, really. The hardest part is just staying the course, but the course itself isn't hard at all. My personal course is to just eat within calories, drink all of my water and exercise a few times a week.

If you've been following my food journal on Instagram, you know that I'm not "dieting" -- at all. I'm eating everything I normally eat, just in moderation {most days}. I've been striving to stick within my calories, which I usually end up coming in right at the high end of my range {in the 1900's}. 

I've got about 4 pounds left to lose and 4 weeks to lose it! I am motivated, knowing that this is a realistic goal to achieve. Losing a pound a week is definitely doable. I can do this! I will reach my goal. 

HealthyWage Progress - week-by-week: 
January 6th: 253.8 lbs. 
January 13th: 247.5 lbs. 
January 20th: 246.5 lbs. 
January 27th: 246.3 lbs. 
February 3rd: 241.5 lbs. 
February 10th: 243.7 lbs 
February 17th: 242.1 lbs. 

To date: 11.7 lbs lost! 3.6 lbs. & 4 weeks to go! 

Now, if you remember, this HealthyWage Challenge is team-based. My husband is my partner on this team and in order to win, we have to lose 6% of our combined body weight. My husband has been struggling a bit more than I have in this challenge. 

Nick is doing really great staying within his calorie range {even better than I have}, but he struggles with drinking water during work. Drinking enough water is such an important key to losing weight!

Nick is an HVAC Controls Technician and is working on a bunch of projects right now. His job at times can be very physical and fast paced. I am going to try and think of a better way for him to get water in during the day. Any tips from my readers welcome! 

In knowing that my husband is having a harder time than I, losing his 6% for this challenge, I have begun some small weekend challenges for the two of us. Last weekend, we did a water challenge, to see who could drink half their body weight in ounces faster. 

Drinking that much water obviously takes all day and making a challenge out of it seemed to help us stay on track. We would check in on each other throughout the day and rush to fill up our bottles as soon as they were empty. It was really fun! Nick ended up winning the challenge last weekend! Now, I am ready for our next rematch.

Readers, what's a fun way you like to challenge yourself to stay on track?


  1. Does Nick have a tool bag that he brings along to the different projects? If so, maybe he could put his water bottle in there? My husband is an auto body technician so he keeps his at his tool box and will drink some every few trips he makes to his tool box. For myself I would rather chug so I will take 10 gulps at a time and it seems to go faster plus I get the full feeling.