Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Failure and Regret

I'm on the brink of making a huge decision for my business, and in order to help make that decision I decided to picture myself both succeeding because of this decision and failing.

I am a big planner-aheader (yeah, I just made that word up) and because of that, I am continually trying to anticipate the future. I don't jump into things lightly; the possibility of failure is always heavy on my mind. While I try to stay positive in all of my thinking, I did allow myself some time to envision my own failure, just to get a taste of it's bitterness. That is, whatever "failure" really means to me, anyway. I guess a failure at this point to me would mean having to close up shop against my will, before I was ready to do so myself. So, let's go with that then.

So, if I had to close the door on my business {Anything Rustic} for good, whether it happened tomorrow, or a year from now, what would it mean for me? I started to think about that, to see how it would feel, perhaps to somehow save myself some pain should it ever happen. As if spreading that feeling of disappointment over time would somehow help lessen the burden of it in the future? I also needed to know, how bad would that failure really be after all. Would I regret spending all of this time working on a failing business? 

{my business is not failing, I am getting to my point very soon, promise}

That's when I realized what I've really be afraid of: regret. Will I regret spending those hours away from Piper as I worked on my bookkeeping for the business? Will I regret those long nights when I could have been sleeping, working on orders that needed to be out? Will I regret spending many date nights with my husband talking about the future of our business?

The answer is no.

How could I regret it? While I was away working on my bookkeeping, my husband and Piper were making precious one-on-one memories together; memories that would not have happened had I been at home. While I was working those long nights, I often had my husband by my side, working right along with me. We would spend that time not only working but talking, dreaming and laughing together.

If I had never started this business, I might have regretted not trying to chase my dreams. I might not have had the opportunity to talk with some really great people all throughout the nation. I might not have been able to see pictures of other people's kids with my banners displaying their name proudly in the background or been able to connect and console a customer from another state who also feels like their baby is growing up way too fast. I might not have been able to network with new people in my own community, which almost always ended up leading to new friendships. I might not have learned that I can be truly authentic in everything I do and still be completely accepted by others. Finally, if I had never started my own business, I might not have ever learned the true meaning of grace.

You see, when you're no longer afraid of failure or the possibility of regret, it can't hold you back anymore. I think this translates well in the world of weight-loss, too. Life is too short to let the fear of failure and regret hold you back!

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