Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tip For Tuesday: Dreadmill Workouts

Where are my fellow "dreadmill" workout people? And when I say dreadmill, I mean treadmill, naturally. It's just a fun term I like to toss around when I'm talking about my love-hate relationship with our treadmill.

Working up the motivation to workout on the treadmill can sometimes be hard, am I right? Even though it's March, it's still treadmill season, here. The days where I get to take my walks outside are still too few and far between to add up to any consistent workouts these days. So, for now, I am forced to love the treadmill and here's how I've been keeping our relationship alive!

A few times a week, I workout on the treadmill during Piper's afternoon naps. I've started looking forward to my time on the treadmill because it's become my own version of "me time". I've found a few ways to make the treadmill a treat for myself.

1. Read A Book: I have been book-crazy lately. I keep collecting books. I just can't get enough books and, unfortunately I just can't get enough time to read said books, either. That's where the treadmill helps me out! I've been walking with an incline on the treadmill during my workouts and reading a book while I walk. It's not an intense workout but it's still a good amount of activity all while treating myself to a good book! 

Here's the stack of books I'm currently working through:

2. Watch A Show: I have Hulu and Netflix on my tablet, and my time on the treadmill is the perfect time to watch one of my shows that I like to watch. My husband and I often use the time after Piper has gone to sleep to catch up on "our" shows, however, the treadmill is a time for the shows that are just "mine"; the ones that he is too nice to tell me that he really isn't interested in but still sits through them because he loves me. Those are the shows that I started watching during my time on the treadmill.

3. Make a Spotify Playlist: I have yet to do this one for myself, but I know it will come in handy eventually. I plan to make a workout playlist on Spotify and listen to that with my new fancy headphones {gifted from my husband for my birthday}.

4. Watch or Listen to an Informative Podcast: Lately, I can't seem to learn enough about how to live a better, healthier lifestyle. I love listening to podcasts and the like. Right now, I am hooked on listening to anything from Darin Olien. He's a superfood hunter with a ton of information to share on how to live your "super life".

5. Do a Combination of All of the Above: If you're really struggling to get through your workout, alternate between listening to music and reading a book or watching a show. Changing things up can sometimes make the time pass by faster!

So, by looking at my time on the treadmill as a time to spoil myself {by reading the books I never have time to read, etc.}, my relationship with our treadmill has blossomed into something really wonderful!

Readers, what books are you currently loving right now? 
What do you do to pass the time on the treadmill?

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