Monday, May 1, 2017

May Goals - 2017

Welcome to Monday and the first day of MAY! How did this past weekend treat ya? Things over here were quite busy and enjoyable. I participated in a craft show on Saturday, which meant that we did our grocery shopping on Friday and spent Sunday catching up on each others company as a family before the new work-week began.
Since I went grocery shopping on Friday, I woke up early that morning to make my meal plan for this week. Here's what I came up with:

Sunday: Ground Turkey + Brussels Sprout Skillet
Monday: Fish with Asparagus + Sweet Potatoes
Tuesday: Burrito Bowls
Wednesday: Sausage Stir Fry with Bell Peppers + Onions
Thursday: Fish with Broccoli + Sweet Potatoes
Friday: Naan Pizzas

While this is the first week of May, it also marks the second week of my 30 by 30 challenge. The first week in my challenge went fairly well. I am down a pound and I can already tell that my mood has increased, which I attribute mostly to eating a ton of vegetables as often as I can and going back to church. The nice weather last week helped, too!

Now that a new month is upon us, I want to make a few healthy-living goals for May.

- Lose a total of at least 4 pounds in May
- Go for at least 8 walks outside
- Stay within calories at least 5/7 days a week
- Drink at least 120 ounces of water 5/7 days a week

In order to keep track of my progress, I decided to kick it old school and write all of my goals out in a notebook. From my experience, it's hard to stick with goals {especially month-long goals} when you're not keeping track of your progress daily. My notebook will be where I keep track of it all!

All of those mini-goals for May should help me to have a successful month, which will in turn help me to reach my big goal as part of my 30 by 30 challenge! After all, every little bit of weight lost, healthy choices made, etc. adds up over time!

Readers - what goals are you making for May?


  1. Small changes to add up god luck to you

  2. I love how you have your goal page all ready to fill in with your successes!!!!!