Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thankful Thursday

So far this week, we've been hit with some fairly wet and cold weather. The sun finally came out yesterday, after losing a long game of hide-and-seek for days. It was still fairly chilly though, and so we've been stuck inside for most of the week -- big bummer! 

In order to cheer myself up, and in line with Tuesday's post of taking some time to enjoy the little sweet moments in life, I decided to make a list of some little sweet things that I'm thankful for today, too.

Lilacs in Mason Jars + Ice Cream Dates

On Sunday evening, Nick and I left Piper at Nina's house so we could go plant shopping {crazy plant lady over here!} and on an ice cream date for just the two of us! When we got back to pick Piper up from Nina's, we picked some lilacs from from her lilac bushes to bring home with us. I put some lilacs in a vase in the kitchen before heading up to bed. Nick followed me upstairs a few minutes later, and brought up with him a mason jar filled with fresh water and lilacs for our room. It was a sweet little gesture that surprised me and made me smile. I've been loving falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning to the smell of lilacs.

Meeting New Friends + Mornings at the Library

My mom, stepdad and little brother moved into a new home recently. When they moved, I lost my childhood home but, I gained some new friends in her neighbors across the street! I'll call it fate. I am really excited to have made a new friend {Kaylee} and even more so that my new friend has a son {Eli} right around the same age as Piper. Piper and I both got a new friend out of this deal and it's been very exciting for me. Last week, we visited Kaylee and Eli at their house and this week, they joined us for Story Time at the Library. Kaylee and I have a lot in common and I'm so excited for my new friend.

Since the weather has been wet and rainy most of the week, we spent both Monday and Wednesday morning at our local library. On Wednesdays, our library hosts a Story Time, and we invited our new friends, Kaylee and Eli, with us to play. Piper had so much fun and I enjoyed having a friend to chat with through it all.

Becoming an Aunt

My sister had her baby! Declan Job was born on May 24th and he weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. He is a little over a week old now and they are all doing so great over there in Guam. It breaks my heart that I cannot be there to hold him, or to help my sister but, it's such a blessing that I can see him on FaceTime. It also helps that Beckah has adjusted into motherhood with pure grace and wisdom. I couldn't be more proud of the mother she is to my nephew, DJ. My brother-in-law, Jarrod, is doing such a good job at taking care of them all, too. They are all doing well and it makes me so happy to hear from her every day!

Grace Church

If you have been reading the blog lately, then you already know how much of an impact Grace Church has been having on my family lately. We love going back to church on Sundays! For more on this, you can read my posts here: Overcoming Gluttony and Overcoming Addiction with Grace Church.

Swim Classes

Piper is in swim class, again! We are already halfway through Piper's second session of Toddler 1 swim classes, and she's enjoying it very much. Nick and I can both tell how much she has improved since her first round of toddler swim classes in the Fall. We are loving our Tuesday and Thursday nights at swim class and I am so sad they are coming to an end next week, already. Time sure is flying around here!

Readers, what are some things you're thankful about today?

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