Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Big Church Night Out

I am waving my white flag. Piper is sick again and, I haven't had a full night's sleep in what seems like a month.

I try not to complain much here. For the most part, my blog is space for hope and inspiration but, today I am not afraid to admit that I am just plain tired. First croup and now an ear infection. We are being tested hard. I don't think we've had a healthy house since early October.

Bright side: now that Piper has an antibiotic prescribed, we should all be healthy just in time for my sister to come home from Guam next week. Fingers crossed.

Obviously, my husband and I have been tired. The sleepless nights have been rough but, even though we have been tired, we still made an effort to go out this weekend on a very special date night. We almost cancelled at the last minute because our baby was sick again but, we figured we were in for a sleepless night regardless so, we might as well have a little reprieve before we got right back into the thick of it all again. {shout out to my mother-in-law for hanging at home with our sick baby}

This weekend, we went to a Big Church Night out event. There was an awesome line-up of bands. A few of my favorites from our night out were Blanca, 7thTimeDown, The Sidewalk Prophets and The Newsboys!

Concerts in general are super hype and exhilarating but, Christian concerts are all that plus soul-awakening. That church night out was exactly what Nick and I needed to be restored enough to take on another week of "the hard stuff". Furthermore, between fellowship at Church on Sunday and the experiences shared during the Big Church Night Out, we were challenged to find that our "hard stuff" isn't really that hard, after all.

We are truly blessed in so many ways and, instead of just putting our heads down to push forward through the week ahead, we are looking up!

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