Monday, November 27, 2017

Home For The Holidays - A Crazy Fun Week

How was your Thanksgiving? We had a great one over here. Actually the entire week was amazing!

My sister, brother-in-law and my baby nephew are in town all the way from Guam so we got to spend Thanksgiving with all of them! Not to mention just about every other day since they came home last Monday. 

The past week was crazy, amazing, and so much fun. The days are starting to blend together now but, let me see if I can write out a quick recap from last week.

Last Monday, I met my baby nephew for the first time. It felt like a piece of my heart was finally put in place when I got to hold that sweet boy.

Last Tuesday, Piper and I hung out with Beckah, Jarrod and Baby Declan (DJ) all morning. Piper got to play with Declan and I got some serious snuggles in that morning. It was pretty great!

Later on Tuesday, while Nick was still at work, my mom watched the kids while Beckah, Jarrod and I went on a fun Walmart trip. (They don't have Walmart in Guam, so it was kind of a big deal.)

On Wednesday, I got to babysit my nephew. That was such a sweet time for Nick, Piper and I to get baby DJ all to ourselves.

Later on Wednesday night, I went out to a bar with my sister for the first time! I've been thinking about this occasion since I turned 21 many years ago. We have talked about the day when I could finally take her out for many years now and I can't believe this day has finally come!

I always knew going out with Beckah would be so much fun. Beckah turned 21 while she was over in Guam so, Wednesday night was the first night we got to celebrate that milestone birthday with me buying her a drink!

On Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family. It felt so good to have Beckah, Jarrod and baby DJ with us during this holiday!

On Friday, my sweet Piper got sick with a stomach bug. Nick stayed at home with her while I volunteered at Santa's workshop with our church and then hurried back home to be with my sweet girl. Thankfully, Piper's stomach bug only lasted about 24 hours. I spent most of Friday - Saturday snuggling up my baby.

On Sunday, we had an Open House for Beckah and Jarrod so everyone who wanted to see them while they were in town could. There were cheese trays, and cookies galore. I think I ate cookies for dinner that night. Yep, I sure did.

Later on Sunday night, Beckah, Jarrod, Nick and I met our cousin Dustin and his fiance Katie out at the casino. We had some drinks and lost only a little bit of money. It was such a fun night! I wish they didn't have to go back to Guam.

Now, it's Monday and I'm ready to get some sort of a routine back in place over here. This is the last full-week with my sister at home and I anticipate it being a little more low key than last week but, then again, I'm not sure exactly what's in store for us. 

Hopefully there will be a little less drinking this week since alcohol makes me gain weight like nothing else but, with my sister and brother-in-law both being 21 and, with them only here for a few more days, I'm not going to pass up an any opportunity to have fun with them! 

So, here's to doing the best I can this week, drinking a lot of water, and enjoying my family time while I have it!

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