Monday, November 20, 2017

My Sister Comes Home Today

The moment that I've waited for over a year now is coming today. My sister is coming home from Guam!

My sister, her husband and my baby nephew will be here for a couple weeks and so, my posting may be a little sporadic. 

September, 2016 - The last time we were together!

I will be keeping my new IG account up-to-date though, for sure. {GoalOfLosing100}

So, over the weekend, somebody asked me: what's the big deal with your new Instagram account and, it made me think. I think it's a big deal to me because sharing my journey on social media gives me more motivation to stay healthy. It gives me accountability to know that I have people who are watching my journey and also, by following others on their wellness journey, that inspires me, too.

My hope for everyone is that we can all find something that inspires us and motivates us. That's what this new IG account is doing for me now and so, I'm running with it.

Speaking of trying to stay motivated, there is a big binge-trigger coming up for me this week: Thanksgiving.

Knowing that I am going to likely be overindulging on Thanksgiving has, in the past, made me go on a free-for-all each day basically leading up to the main event. It's happened before and it's not going to happen this time because, I'm self-aware and staying on top of it.

Self-awareness: ah, another good tool to use on the daily. Be true to yourself, who you are and, what you want for yourself. Know your triggers and know what inspires you and go with it.

Wow, this was a lot of rambling for a Monday.

I guess I will leave you all with this...

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! So, do your best today, tomorrow and Wednesday and then, have a happy Thanksgiving {hopefully surrounded by family and good food}.

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