Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Eve + Christmas Day 2017

On Christmas Eve, my family dressed up for a beautiful Christmas Eve service at the Warner in Erie. Piper said she felt like a princess for "Jesus' birthday party". Even now, many days later, she still talks about Jesus' birthday party at the Warner. It was such a special service.

That evening, we went to a Christmas exchange for Nick's mom's side of the family. There was so much good food there. We all ate way too much, yet again, and had so much fun with our family.

Piper opened up her Christmas PJ's from Nick and I that evening and didn't end up taking them off until 24 hours later. It was a very comfy Christmas Eve and Christmas morning for Piper.

At this party, Piper had a little anxiety about opening gifts in front of people. She stuck by her Nina most of the night and only opened gifts when she didn't realize people were watching her.

Piper also came up to me a few times throughout the night asking to take a break in Nina's room, where we just sat on the bed and relaxed for a bit. I think she was a little tuckered out from our fun weekend! 

After all of the commotion died down, she did much better. The adults played games at the table while Piper watched Beauty and the Beast with Papa in the living room until it was time to head home.

When we got home, we put some cookies and milk under the tree for Santa and Piper went right to bed. That is, after she snatched one of Santa's cookies. Haha.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is putting Piper's gifts under the tree after she falls asleep on Christmas Eve. And, leaving a little room for the gifts from Santa too, of course.

As soon as I heard Piper roll around in her room on Christmas morning, I jumped out of bed and went in to get her. I was the little kid jumping on the side of the bed saying "Santa Came! Santa Came!" Piper was so excited, she jumped out of bed to run and grab her dad, too.

Piper was so excited to see that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk. She opened all of her gifts, some of her favorites being a pink camera, trolls and, a fish tank for her room!

After we were done opening gifts at home, we headed over to my mom's to open gifts there. 

Piper spent some time playing with her new toys {one of her favorites being a baby doll from Gigi}, then, we went to my dad's and ended the day at Nick's grandma's house.

It snowed a lot that day, making it hard to travel but, we were so happy to visit with our family on Christmas day.

And just like that, after many days of celebrating Jesus' birthday, Christmas was over. 

It was a wonderful year.

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