Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Christmas Card 2017

Welcome to the week leading up to Christmas! Are you ready?

I think it's so cool that Christmas is falling on a Monday this year. Next Monday, to be exact. I like it because we'll have the entire weekend to celebrate the holiday with all of the different sides to our big family!

We'll be celebrating with my mom's side and Nick's dad on Saturday; Nick's mom's side on Sunday and with just about everyone else on Christmas day. We make a lot of stops on Christmas day {weather permitting} that include my mom's house, my dad's house and Nick's grandma's house, too.

With Piper getting older, and likely wanting to stay at home on Christmas day, I am not sure how much longer we'll get to celebrate with everyone on Christmas day like this and so, we're really enjoying the season while it's hear while also looking forward to the next season when it comes for our family.

While this week is a lot quieter than last, I still have a lot of holiday prep items to cross off of my list. So, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me sporadically this week.

A few things I definitely want to do this week:
  • bake cookies with Piper
  • finish my Christmas shopping
  • listen to Christmas music every day {duh}
  • share our Christmas card with you {check it out below}
  • take a cheesy family picture in front of our tree or fireplace
  • find a topper for our tree {talk about last minute}

Have a great week, everyone!