Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sometimes Reality Defeats Me

If you're familiar with the condition: PCOS, then you know that gaining weight is easy and losing weight is hard. I actually had a doctor tell me that since I have PCOS it would be "nearly impossible" for me to lose weight. 

My doctor said, and I quote, "for a normal person it's hard but, for a person with PCOS it's nearly impossible." Wow! I had a choice to make in that moment. I could either let that fact defeat me but dwelling on the word "impossible" or I could let the word "nearly" inspire me to beat the odds. One word makes all the difference, right?

I'm not going to lie. Usually I feel inspired to beat the odds but, sometimes the reality of PCOS defeats me. For instance, I gained 8 lbs. in two weeks while my sister was in town because I stopped keeping track of what I was eating; I started drinking more alcohol/beer, and; I was over-indulging in food. 

In that situation, anyone would gain some weight, right? But, 8 lbs. in two weeks? Really? That's a little extreme.

I feel a little defeated but, I'm pushing through the defeat. 

My sister left to visit her husband's family in Texas yesterday and I took that as an opportunity to get back on track. I am tracking everything that I eat, I am working on drinking 120 oz. of water each day and, I am going to try and hit 10,000 steps as many times as I can this week. I also made a dinner menu for the week to help us stay on track with eating at home opposed to going out or ordering in.

On Saturday, I do plan to overindulge a bit because it's my husband's holiday party through his work. We always have such a good time each year during this event and this year will be no different. I can feel good about overindulging on Saturday too, because I know that every day leading up to it, I will be staying on track and giving it my all. 

Balance, moderation, and all that good stuff.

I can do this.

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