Wednesday, January 10, 2018

30 by 30 - Calling It Quits

I know it's been a while since you've seen me mention the 30 by 30 challenge and that's mostly because I mentally and physically checked out from that challenge after my sister came home from Guam in November. Just being honest here!

I came up with the challenge originally in the Spring of last year and, I kept up with it for a while before losing hope. The holidays really put me behind and the goal of losing 30 pounds before my 30th birthday just became unrealistic. If I know one thing, it's to not hold on to unrealistic goals. It will just drag you down.

So, I'm letting it go. While it might not have been so unrealistic to begin with, as time went on, it became that way. I'm calling it quits on that unrealistic challenge to open myself up to some more realistic goals in my future.

Readers: Is there an expectation or goal you need to let go of in order to truly move forward? If you're willing to share, please sound off with a comment below! I'd love to help support you!

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