Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Beating the Winter Blues

Is it just me, or has January gone by unusually fast? It could just be me. We've had a lot of craziness going on 'round here lately. Between our first home renovation, our diet bet and our daughter turning 3 years old, we've had a lot going on this month!

Having a winter month going by faster than usual is okay in my book. While at times, the slow-down that comes from winter is more than welcome; there was a time there when I was starting to get cabin fever from all of the snowy and chilly days we were experiencing. I don't know about you but, I'll definitely be happy to welcome Spring this year! 

The weather this week hasn't been too bad. Having a few Spring-like days here and there does help beat the winter blues. Really what I struggle with most is the lack of sunshine! It seems like we'd be lucky to have one or two days of sunshine in a week during these winter months! 

Due to the lack of sun and colder weather, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is in full swing over here in Northwest Pennsylvania. I have so many friends that suffer from SAD; myself included!

Since I'm not the only one who struggles with the winter blues or, Seasonal Affective Disorder, I figured I'd share a little list of things that help me overcome the struggle because, ya'll, the struggle is real!

Beating the Winter Blues

Turn on some music! I try to keep music on in the background during our days and, whenever I get the chance, I listen to music with my noise-cancelling headphones on, too. A little bit of music can be so refreshing!
Hot Shower or Bath
A hot shower or bath helps me, especially on the really cold days. Even if I've already taken a shower for the day, sometimes I'll take another one at night, just to feel the heat and relax.
Turn on All of the Lights
The lack of sunshine really makes me tired -- all day long! So, on those extra gloomy days, I light my house up! My electric bill is pretty high in the winter but, it's worth the extra energy boost it gives me!
Turn up the Heat
Some days you'll catch me sitting in front of the heater with my eyes closed and a blanket on. I like to envision myself on a beach and think about previous vacations while I soak up the heat. It may sound silly but, it really works as a great escape!
Deep Breathing
Deep breathing exercises helps wake me up on a sluggish winter day. Sometimes I'll even stick my head out the door and take a few deep breaths of fresh air. That really gets my heart pumping!
Exercise + Stretching
Truth be told, I don't exercise as much as I should but, when I do, it sure does help! Stretching helps, too. I love a good stretch and, it's something I'm working on doing more often this year to increase my flexibility.
Spending Time with Family + Friends
This is something I've been forcing myself to do more. It's hard to motivate myself to leave the house sometimes, especially when it's cold and yucky outside, but I never regret it when I do.
Our Renovation
Another thing that's been helping me beat the winter blues is the renovation we've been working on. It's a huge distraction and, it's something that keeps us busy and makes us feel productive while being stuck indoors!
If you suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder, you aren't alone! The winter blues are real and can be tough to overcome but, it's just a season and, we'll be back outside in no time! We've just got to make the best of winter while it's here! 

Readers: How are you beating the winter blues? Share your tips!

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