Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Piper's 3rd Birthday Party

This past weekend our baby, Piper Grace, turned 3 years old.

I couldn't be more proud of the little girl Piper is becoming. I remember wondering what Piper would be like at this age back when I was holding her as an infant and, I can't help but smile now that I know exactly who she is today; at three years old.

Piper is the perfect mix of her father and I. Piper is wild and funny like Nick and, she is often cautious and thoughtful like me.

At three years old, Piper loves monkeys and gorillas; often pretending to be one. She also loves pipes which is convenient since Nick is currently putting new plumbing in our house for the upstairs bathroom renovation. Piper definitely stole a few pieces of pvc pipe to play with last night. Another odd thing she loves is bar soap. She actually has a bar soap in her bed that she's been sleeping with lately. She's so quirky and I love it.

She has the best imagination and, loves to play pretend with us. The scenarios she comes up with are so cute. Nick and I often play her little games with her and she picks out roles for each of us; telling us what we should act like during her game. Her little mind is just the best!

Piper's third birthday party was very intimate compared to previous years for a few different reasons; mainly because we hosted the party at our house this year. We don't have much room for parking at our house, especially in the winter when people can't park in the yard, so we could only invite so many people.

It was actually quite nice to have a more low-key party this year. It's exactly what Nick and I wanted because, it's what Piper wanted. When given the option to have her party at home or somewhere else, my little home-body chose to have a party here at home and, even though that meant we couldn't invite a lot of people, I was totally happy with that choice!

To Piper, a birthday party means decorating with a lot of balloons, singing around cake and, blowing out candles and so, that is exactly what we did!

To Nick and I, Piper's birthday is always another reminder of how blessed we are to have our baby with us, and for another year! Piper Grace is our biggest blessing of all and, our hearts were so full as we celebrated her turning 3 years old. We couldn't be more proud of the little girl she is today.

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