Friday, January 12, 2018

Well That Was Humbling

Well, I did something very humbling yesterday...

I shared a short video on what I basically talked about a couple days ago, as far as calling it quits on my 30 by 30 challenge.

I've got to be honest, recording and watching that video back was a very humbling process.

Sometime during my 30 by 30 challenge, I had gotten down to about 20 pounds lighter than I weighed in last week. I watched a couple old videos on my YouTube channel and I could see that weight difference in my face.

While this is all very humbling for me to share my regression, it is all the more motivating. 

This is all part of the journey -- my journey, and I am going to be so proud of myself for choosing to continue on when I reach my goal weight. Actually, why wait? I am choosing to be proud of myself, now!

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