Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day Recap

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am going to start trying to share more of what goes on in our days since, that's what you all seemed most interested in reading about {according to my reader questionnaire}!

As you know, yesterday was Valentine's day so, let's recap it!

Wednesday Morning

I woke up around 6:45 a.m., feeling less than great. I didn't go to sleep until 1 a.m. and woke up with a head cold. Womp womp. Piper woke up around the time I woke up yesterday morning. Nick was still home at the time so, he graciously offered for me to go up and get 30 minutes or so more of rest in bed while Piper hung out with him downstairs as he got ready for work. He's so great!

For those of you who might not know, Nick has been partially laid off from work since about Christmas and, of course now that I'm starting to get sick, he's getting called back! I'm not complaining though, he sure could use the work!

After Nick headed off to work, I made myself a cup of hot tea and started on Piper's breakfast. It was an easy one; hard boiled eggs, strawberries and blueberries. Then, she also managed to get two pieces of bread with butter out of me, too. She's such a good eater!

Mid-morning sometime, we decided to make brownies for Nick since it was "love day". Piper got to use her new apron that she got from her Nina and Papa at Christmas. She got her own bowl of brownie mix that she basically just kept eating between stirs. I mean, I can't blame her, when it comes to brownies, I'm mainly in it for the batter, too.

After the brownies were done we ate some, of course. Then, it was time for a mid-day bath. We usually save bath time for the end of the day but, there was chocolate brownie mix everywhere so, a mid-day bath was in order!

While Piper was in the bath, I was right around the corner sending some emails as part of my new position with the church. I've taken the role of administrative assistant for our ministry leads and, I'm loving it, already! Just one staff meeting and a few emails in to my new role and I already feel like I've gained a piece of my old-self back. I use to love my job as a paralegal and, working as an administrative assistant for the ministry leads is allowing me to use a lot of those same gifts I used in my previous position!

Wednesday Afternoon

After Piper was done with her bath, she pushed a chair up to our kitchen island once again. This time, we were making lunch! We made crescent-stuffed rolls with roast beef and provolone. I've been loving crescent rolls so much lately. I know they are not the best calorie-wise but, they sure are delicious.

After lunch, Piper got nestled up on the couch to watch some t.v. shows. Piper hasn't been taking a regular afternoon nap for a while now so, instead, we have quiet time. Sometimes it's up in her room and sometimes quiet time is downstairs with me. Yesterday, quiet time was downstairs with me because I needed to jump in the shower for a late-afternoon appointment.

Once Nick got home from work, I was off to my appointment. I was suppose to meet up with a local shop owner o drop off some new inventory {from Anything Rustic} and sign a new contract but, as I was on my way to the shop, I found out that she accidentally marked down that we were going to meet Thursday. So, I went shopping for chocolate, instead. I mean, it was Valentine's Day, after all.

After I got back home, Nick and Piper loaded up in the car with me and we went over to Nick's mom's house to have dinner with them. Nick's mom made some delicious stuffed chicken breast that tasted like it was straight from a restaurant. It was a real special treat!

When we got back home from dinner, I laid on the couch, feeling pretty lousy from my head cold, while Nick got Piper ready for bed upstairs. A few minutes of laying on the couch gave me the second wind I needed for our special Valentine's Day celebration, just for Nick and I.

I put together a snack platter of sorts for us while Nick lit the fire place. It was so nice! The snack platter was amazing. I don't know why we haven't thought of doing something like that before. We got to try a lot of new things with the platter, our favorite being the goat cheese covered in blueberries and vanilla. Oh my, was that delicious!

Even though I'm coming down with some sort of head cold, Valentine's Day was a good one and I'm feeling so blessed with all of the love in my life.

I hope you all had a great day, as well!

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