Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Winter Soup Staple + We Can Do This

Yesterday I caved and I started writing things like "Think Spring" on some chalkboards in our home and, I even went so far as to start a countdown. In case you were wondering, there's 5 weeks until Spring! Only 5 weeks! We can do this, people!

I'm pretty much over winter but, just as soon as I say that, I find myself in awe of the dancing snowflakes outside the window once again. Just as soon as I say that I want winter to be over, I do things like run straight for the throw blankets to get all snuggled up on the couch and, happily drink hot tea while reveling in the fact that I have no place to be but right here, in my warm home while the snow comes down outside. 

Yes, I want Spring to come and, yes, Winter is still welcome to stay a little longer. Which is good, seeing how I have no say in the change of season and Spring will come whenever it wants to anyway.

If you paid attention to the meal plan that I posted yesterday, then you know that we had Zuppa Toscana for dinner last night. The Olive Garden copycat recipe for Zuppa Toscana has been an absolute staple in our house this winter. I make this soup once a week and, we love it every time!

Piper is and always has been such a good eater. She even went so far as to ask for a bowl of kale as I was chopping it to make soup yesterday. I chuckled and told her she probably wouldn't like it but, she kept insisting that she wanted to try the kale anyway. So, I chopped up a piece for her and, sure enough, she asked for more. A bowl and a half of kale later, she surprised me once again and, I learned to never to underestimate this girl and her love for greens.

Readers, do you like to eat raw kale?

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