Monday, March 26, 2018

Hunkered Down at Panera

Whew. I almost didn't get the chance to write today but, here I am!

My sweet Piper came down with croup over the weekend and so, it's been all hands on deck. Despite having a rough weekend, I still tried to prep us for a good week ahead. If you follow my new Instagram account, you might have seen my Insta-stories from Sunday when I was trying to get us all set up by making a meal plan, grocery shopping and meal prepping.

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Monday has been a little rocky already but, at least we have a meal plan, a stocked fridge and of course, each other. Aw. I guess I get a little sappy when I'm sleep deprived.

My husband is actually home from work today. None of us are feeling 100% but, with him being home, I am taking advantage of some time away to finish up working on my taxes for our business, Anything Rustic. Our appointment is on Wednesday and I hope to get all of my final numbers done this afternoon. 

I'm hunkered down at a Panera Bread about to get started working now. I hope you all have a great Monday!

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