Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weekend Recap: Maple Tour + Buffalo Farm

Hey guys! I'm back with another weekend recap for you all.


On Friday night, Piper went over to my mom's house for a couple hours while Nick worked on laying out the bathroom tile upstairs. 

We are still, very slowly, working on our renovation! It's been about two months since we started and we're making some decent progress. We aren't in any rush so, we've just kind of been working on things at our leisure. Much like weight-loss, a little bit of work goes a long way in the end -- you just have to be patient. 


We all slept in until about 8 a.m. then quickly decided to go to the gym. Piper's been asking to go to child watch at our gym all week, which really helps give me another reason to work out. I went to the gym a total of three times last week, all because Piper wanted to go play at child watch.

On Saturday morning, Nick and I worked out while Piper played in child watch. We both did some treadmill work and then showered before picking Piper up and heading out to eat for lunch.

We used a gift card to go out to eat at TGIFriday's. I had french onion soup and the Jack Daniel's chicken strips. Nick got a french dip sandwich and Piper got the mac n' cheese. We were all happy campers with a good lunch in our belly!

After lunch, we all went out to the grocery store to stock up for the week. We also grabbed some treats for company later on that night. 

Later on, we had our friends Steve and Mindy over to our house for dinner! We had rubens, baked potatoes and donuts for dessert. It was a pretty chill and relaxing night with our friends, who are expecting their first baby any time now! 

We couldn't be more excited for them! I am so glad we got some time to spend with them this weekend. 


Sunday morning was another sleep-in day for us. Ever since the time change, Piper has been sleeping in until about 8 a.m. every morning and we have been taking full advantage of that extra sleep time!

Nick made us all some breakfast while I sipped on some coffee. Piper played around the house for a bit before we all decided to go on our local Maple Tour.

While on the Maple Tour, we visited a museum where Piper learned about how maple syrup comes from trees. She was so interested in how it all worked! 

They had crafts for the kids to make and, her favorite part, taste testing!

At one of the stops, there is a buffalo farm. Piper got a kick out of seeing the buffalo root around. She tried calling them over to the fence but, they kept their distance.

After the Maple Tour, we stopped by Nick's grandma's house to visit and so he could fix her garage doors. Nick's grandma has the best views at her house. 

We visited for a short while before going shopping at Walmart for a new mop and then, coming home to finish the night all cozied up on the couch.

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