Friday, April 20, 2018

Week Three Recap - April 2018


I slept in until 7:30 and Piper slept in until 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning! Sleeping in was a great way to start the day. When Piper woke up, I got us dressed and fed her a quick breakfast of strawberries with a half of a pb sandwich and I made myself a smoothie for the road.

We made it to the YMCA around 10:30. Piper played with the kids in child watch while I worked out for 20 minutes and read a new book for the other half hour.

We got home around noon. I warmed up some leftover chili for lunch and Piper ate a salad with cheese, tomatoes and avocados (some days she's the healthiest eater in this house -- I know how blessed we are to have a good eater at her age).

After I put Piper in her room for some quiet time, I took a shower and then got some cleaning done.  I got hungry for a snack and decided to try some of the sushi I found at Aldi's this past weekend. It was much better than I expected it would be! If I see it there next week, I am going to buy it again!

For dinner, I made baked chicken breast with a side of mixed vegetables and air-fried french fries. Baked chicken has been my current go-to meal. I use a brew-pub rub that I found at Aldi and it makes the chicken turn out so moist and delicious!

Monday was a good day.

Sleep: 9:30 p.m. (1/5)
Nutrition: Tracked (1/5)
Activity: Gym (1/3)
Water: 120 oz. / 120 oz. (1/5) 


On Tuesday morning, we woke up much earlier than Monday and, we woke up to snow on the ground. Considering it's nearly the end of April, I wasn't too impressed. I took this as a sign that we should stay inside and get all cozy, watching movies. Piper took a good nap for me, which was great because I used that time to make a few phone calls and cross a few things off of my to-do list.

When Nick got home, I headed out to meet a new friend for coffee. We chatted for about an hour at Starbucks. It was so nice to get out and have some girl chat over coffee. That's something I need to do more often!

After coffee, I went shopping and found a few new tops! I was happy to see that all of the tops I bought were 2x instead of 3x so, that was a win!

Sleep: 9:30 p.m. (2/5)
Nutrition: Tracked (2/5)
Activity: N/A (1/3)
Water: 120 oz. / 120 oz. (2/5)


On Wednesday morning, Piper and I went to the YMCA so I could work out and she could play with the kids in child watch.

In the afternoon, I went to my first-ever dermatologist appointment. This is an appointment I've been putting off for quite a while now but, I'm glad I did it.

When I got home, I made some chili to take over to a friend of our family who just lost their son earlier this week. Without going into much detail, he had come home to surprise his family for a long weekend and started feeling sick while he was at home. His passing was very unexpected and, while it is so sad and we are all still grieving this loss, I can't help but see God's hand in his passing -- that he passed while at home with his family instead of far away and alone. I have faith that we will see him again in heaven.

Sleep: 10:30 p.m. (2/5)
Nutrition: Tracked (3/5)
Activity: Gym (2/3)
Water: 96 oz. / 120 oz. (2/5)


On Thursday morning, I took Piper to another doctor's appointment. She gave a urine sample and they found more traces of blood in her urine, for the second week in a row and so, she is going to have to get an ultrasound of her kidneys late next week.

It's crazy how this kind of stress can wear you down physically. I'm trying to stay positive but, compile the grief of our friend's losing their son and, this uncertainty with Piper's health -- I really started feeling the affects of the stress on my body Thursday afternoon and evening. It was a very low-activity kind of day.

Sleep: 10:00 p.m. (2/5)
Nutrition: Tracked (4/5)
Activity: N/A (2/3)
Water: 120 oz. / 120 oz. (3/5)


Today is my weigh-in day and I am a little frustrated to report that I have a gain on the scale.  I weighed in at 239.3 lbs. I can firmly say that the scale is a liar when it comes to measuring my progress this week.

I have literally been tracking everything I ate since last Friday -- 7 days of tracking what I eat, working out fairly hard and just being really focused on my goals -- and I have a gain on the scale. Some weeks the scale is just a liar and, that's okay. It's okay because I've had a lot of non-scale victories this past week. I am down a pant size (24 down to 22), I am down a shirt size (3x down to 2x) and, I just feel smaller and more mobile. That's what this is all about after all - not a number on the scale but, a feeling of being healthier. This week, I feel it!

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