Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekend Recap + Meal Plan

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? We had another great one, over here! It started out slow and ended slow.


Friday night was a much needed chill-night at home. We made air-fried wings, homemade pizza, watched some movies and just enjoyed a quiet night in.


On Saturday morning, Nick and I went to a leadership training at church. We sat in on the session for "leading through insecurity". It was such a relevant training because who doesn't deal with insecurity from time to time, really?! Nick and I got so much from that meeting! We left feeling super inspired.

After the meeting, we dropped Piper off with my dad while Nick and I went grocery shopping and ran a couple errands. We grabbed a bite to eat while we were out, too. It ended up being a really nice impromptu date day, with grocery shopping included -- hah!

When we got back home, Piper took a nap to recharge for a night out with her Nina and Papa! They all went to a local Spring Get-Together party while Nick and I finally started making some new progress on the bathroom renovation upstairs.


On Sunday morning, we made a dinor-style breakfast at home and then headed off to church as a family. Some weekends Nick goes off to church early for sound check but, he wasn't playing guitar this weekend so we all got to eat Sunday breakfast and go to church together!

After church, we went to my mom's house for lunch. When we got home, we changed into comfy clothes and hung around the house for the remainder of our Sunday. It was a nice, slow end to a great weekend!

As for the week ahead, here's what I've got planned for dinner:

Monday - Chicken + Fries + Mixed Vegetables

Tuesday - Sub Salad

Wednesday - Dinner with friends

Thursday - Chicken + Fries + Mixed Vegetables

Friday - Wings + Salad

I didn't drink enough water this weekend and, I'm really feeling dehydrated today so, my goal is to hit my water goal every day this week!

Readers, what's one healthy habit you're going to be focusing on this week?

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