Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 2018 Final Weigh-In Results

Even though May doesn't officially end until tomorrow, yesterday was my last weigh-in for the month! I think I was at an unfair advantage since my last weigh-in was the day after a long Memorial Day weekend but, guess what, I did pretty alright. 

Here are the final results for the month of May:

5/1/18: 239 lbs.
5/8/18: 237.8 lbs.
5/15/18: 237.6 lbs.
5/22/18: 236.7 lbs.
5/29/18: 237.5 lbs.

I certainly didn't lose a lot of weight but, I didn't gain anything, either! I am feeling super happy and empowered. Not even because of the scale, obviously. I just feel empowered in general. 


I've been a regular at my gym lately and, it's been making me feel so good! Feeling good really does make the difference, even if there's not much difference showing up on the scale.

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