Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Out of Whack + Still Winning

I posted my goals for May yesterday and, I already put them into practice.

Yesterday, I stepped on the scale just to get my initial reading for the month. I weighed in at 239 lbs. I almost stepped on the scale again this morning - out of habit - and stopped myself when I remembered my goal of only stepping on the scale once per week. Win!

As for tracking my nutrition, I almost didn't even do it yesterday - and it was the first day of May! C'mon! I ended up tracking my nutrition for the entire day last minute, in my car at like 10:00 p.m., before I went inside from a late-night trip to the store for some necessities. The fact that I didn't even eat dinner until 9 p.m. last night should be telling of just how out of whack and busy my day was - and yes, I'm still sick. However, I did feel well enough to put some make-up on and do my hair!

Unfortunately, my husband went downhill pretty fast after he got home from work so, it was my turn to hold down the fort. I'm very use to him doing bath time and Piper's bedtime routine; it's usually my time to get a few things done but, since he was down, I was on duty all day and night. Hence the 9 p.m. dinner for myself and late night trip to the store after everyone else had already gone to bed.

Despite being hectic and draining, yesterday was still a very good day. The sun was shining and it got up to summer-like temperatures. Even after I got home from my late-night shopping trip, it was about 70 degrees outside. I just sat in my car, with the windows down, tracking my nutrition. I stayed in my car for a while, just looking up at the stars, counting my blessings. I am so looking forward to more summer nights like this, coming soon, when we are all finally well and free from these nasty bugs we've been passing around. 

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