Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up: Zoo Trip + Picnic with Friends

I spent a couple extra moments laying in bed, trying to figure out what day it was this morning. I forgot how fast the weekends fly by when the weather is nice! We had a jam packed weekend, full of fun!


Saturday morning started out slow but quickly gained momentum. It started out with family breakfast around the table, courtesy of Nick. He loves to cook our weekend breakfast; it's something we all look forward to each week. He made some of Piper's favorite "daddy bacon" which is what we call real, thick cut bacon in our house. Turkey bacon is coined for mama - hah.

After breakfast, Nick started working on the bathroom renovation upstairs. He sanded the drywall and prepped it all for paint while Piper and I hung out downstairs.

Around noon, we had a quick lunch before heading out to the zoo - Piper's idea! It was a good choice, too. We couldn't have asked for a better zoo day - both the carousel and the train were open and the weather was perfect!

After the zoo, we went out to eat at Moe's to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. 

Really though, we probably would have ended up at Moe's anyway because it's our current family favorite.


On Sunday morning, we all found ourselves around the table again with more "daddy bacon" on our plates. We had a little time before church and so, I grabbed the dogs and was about to head out for a walk when Piper said she wanted to join. Nick stayed back and worked on the bathroom a bit more while I went for a walk with all of my kids!

Piper likes to hold on to Max's leash when we go for walks because he tends to walk a little slower than Topher. It's so cute to watch her walk with the dogs. A slow, quiet walk outside in the warm, fresh air was a great start to our Sunday!

After our walk, we got back home, showered and dressed just in time to make it to Sunday's service. It was baptism Sunday and so, the tears were flowing. It was such a great service!

When we got back home, we had a light lunch and a little bit of resting time. When I say resting time, I mean I folded laundry on the bed while Piper rested in her room with a show and Nick fixed the man-door on our garage that had been needing some TLC.

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to our friend's, Steve and Mindy's, house for a picnic with their family. It was the perfect evening for grilling out! Piper had so much fun playing with Steve and the kids. 

We got back home just in time for bath-time and bedtime. It was a great end to a fun-filled weekend!

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