Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Weigh-In + Grilling Season

Yesterday was weigh-in day... technically. I made it a goal to only weigh myself once per week in May and since May started on a Tuesday, I deemed Tuesday my weigh-in day for the month! 

Truth be told, I didn't only weigh myself on Tuesday. I did jump on the scale a couple more times before then. I feel like it was more out of habit than anything though. It wasn't every day so, eh, progress is progress. I still have the urge to check the scale every day but, I'm getting better at not.

Anyway, my official Tuesday weigh-in showed a loss on the scale! I was so excited, I literally did a happy dance!

May 1st: 239 lbs.
May 8th: 237.8 lbs.

I am so excited to be losing weight again! I feel like I did so well in April and, the scale didn't show me any love. This loss is long overdue!

Last night, as I was eating dinner with my family on our patio, I was reminded of a big reason I was able to lose more weight in the summer last year: grilling season! 

Our family loves grilled vegetables and last night, the vegetables filled up most of my plate at dinner. They are so, so delicious! I am planning on grilling out as much as possible now that the weather is in our favor!

Readers, what are your favorite things to grill when the weather gets nice out?

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  1. My favorite thing to do on the grill? Cube veggies...lay them on aluminum foil and wrap up...adding butter or olive oil, season. Fold up into a pack and throw it on the grill. Delicious. Sometimes in the last 5 minutes I add cheese.