Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up + Knock on Wood

As I begin to write this blog post, I can't help but feel excited because I feel like I am finally back in the groove of my normal routine. I need to go knock on some wood or something because of what I am about to share: nobody in my house is sick right now and it's about darn time. It's basically summer! Flu season, be gone already!

This past weekend was a busy one and, so so great!

On Friday night, Piper stayed over at my mom's house while Nick and I went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday in our group. It was so much fun to go out, have a couple beers, chat and laugh way too hard.

On Saturday morning, Piper was still at my mom's since she slept over night. Nick and I woke up at normal time (about 7 am) and headed out for a walk at the beach. 

We spent about an hour or so at the beach, just walking the boardwalk and taking in the views. It was the perfect way to start the day! So relaxing and soul-refreshing.

On Saturday evening, we finally planted our garden. We stuck with the basics this year and planted our top 4 favorites and most used produce: tomatoes, string beans, corn and zucchini.

On Sunday morning, Nick left early for sound check at church. This Sunday was exciting and so much easier than usual because, for the first time ever, we got to drive separate to church in our own vehicles. It's so much easier now that we have two vehicles (see the post: My First SUV). Prior to this Sunday, we always had to make arrangements to either borrow my mom's vehicle or ride in with them. Having two vehicles is kind of wonderful. I am starting to wonder how we went over four years with just one, now.

On Sunday afternoon, we went our separate ways to attend a couple parties. Nick and Piper went to a BBQ at our friend's house while I went to a bridal shower at the beach. See, yet again, having two vehicles is such a blessing to our family! After the bridal shower, I went shopping for our groceries for the week and then met Nick and Piper back at home. 

I am so excited to be back in our normal routine again. I meal planned for the week and, here's what I'm planning for dinner's:

Monday - Salmon with Broccoli + Fries
Tuesday - Burrito Bowls
Wednesday - Cheeseburger Salads
Thursday - Buffalo Chicken Wraps + Asparagus
Friday - Wings + Homemade Flatbread Pizza

I am hoping to make it to the gym a couple times this week, too.

Readers, what's your game plan to make this week run smoothly for yourself? Raise your hand if you've got a meal plan ready to be put into action!


  1. YOur ‘date’ evening and walk on the beach sounds perfect. And the weekend sounded great overall! Here’s a thumbs up for being healthy and back in the routine!!!

  2. It feels so good being in a routine, that beach looked bliss, we are in winter here, hate it. Spring is my favourite time of the year. Oh and I am a new subscriber, I used to blog many years ago,. stopped and just getting back into it again.