Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Long Pause, The End or A Fresh New Beginning

Hello and happy Tuesday!

So, I'm going to be real and transparent with you guys because - that's just who I am. 

I've been having mixed thoughts about blogging lately. I even told one of my friends, Blayne, that I may consider quitting all together. I'm glad that I talked it out a bit though because, when she asked me "why?", I didn't have much of an answer for her.

It's funny how sometimes life gets so busy and is so out of sorts that I can't even think about finding the time to write a blog post and then, other times I wonder if writing is exactly what I need to get through these busy times and help sort everything out. I've been having some mixed thoughts, for sure.

Finding the time to blog, especially in the summer, can be hard as well. Maybe that's all this is though; maybe I'm just a little burnt out from this summer. Burnt out in good ways {like typical summer fun stuff} and more difficult ways {like constantly trying and failing to stay on track with healthy living}.

Then, there's this big transition coming up. You know, the one where Piper starts her first day of preschool on the same day that I start my first job outside of the house since becoming a stay-at-home mom. There's that, too.

I guess there's just a lot of stuff going on right now and, as much as I don't want to take another break from blogging, I think it would be best to take a break now, in effort to avoid giving up all-together.


I think I still want this space to write about my journey, my life and my family. I think I still want this space for all of that and, I'm wondering if you still enjoy my use of this space, too.

Either way, I'll be back after this transition to share how it all went and, what's coming next for this space; whether it be a long pause, the end or, a fresh new beginning.


  1. I would definitely miss reading your blog if you stopped, but I completely understand why you're thinking of doing so. I'll be praying for you during this time of transition, Kalyn!

  2. I would definitely miss your blog, but do understand the time constraints of a busy mom. Good luck with everything!! Remember to take time for yourself. :)