Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Reminder: "That's Okay"

Wow. I just have to say, thank you for all of your encouraging words on my last post and really, throughout this entire process. When it comes to processing certain things, I tend to take a while and, sometimes I need to remind myself, "that's okay".

Sharing my thoughts here makes me vulnerable. Sometimes being vulnerable feels like having a superpower. Other times, not so much. Today, I am choosing to put on my cape of vulnerability by sharing a few other things I need to remind myself that are okay.
Amidst great transition, I've lacked intent focus and interest in my own health and wellness goals. That happens sometimes and, I need to remind myself, "that's okay".
I am a sucker for certain things; silly things. A few days ago, I got really excited when I saw that October 1st was happening on a Monday. I seem to gain extra motivation and see that type of occasion as a great opportunity for a fresh start. Even though it sounds silly to get excited over such a thing, I need to remind myself, "that's okay". 
Beyond high school, I have no dedicated education in writing and yet, I write a blog. I need to remind myself, "that's okay". 
I am really quite basic in a lot of ways. I don't use big words and I'm not extensively educated. There is a lot that I do not know and, I need to remind myself, "that's okay".
Lately, I have been feeling insecure. I see many areas of growth for myself and, I need to remind myself, "that's okay".

I know I'm not the only one walking through life with insecurities. Sometimes these insecurities linger in background as non-threatening whispers but, if we don't meet them with truth, they may grow louder.

My truth is, "that's okay". I am not like everybody or anybody else. God made me just as He needed me to be. 

Instead of focusing on the areas that I lack, I want to focus more on the gifts He's given me. The gift of courage, to be vulnerable. The gift of writing, despite any formal education in the matter. The gift of meeting somebody right where they're at, and assuring them, "you're not alone". Because, no matter your circumstance, you really aren't alone or, you don't have to be. God has given us full access to Him, any time of day or night. All we have to do is reach out and pray.

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