Wednesday, December 12, 2018

iPhone X

I am “writing” to you now from my favorite spot in the house. I am sitting in the living room on the couch with the leg rest up, and with all of the Christmas lights on around me. The room is dimly lit by the glow of the Christmas tree and the lights strung along the fireplace mantel. Our house is never as cozy as it is on a winters night.

I finally received a new phone this week after a couple years of dealing with my previous one. I used to have the iPhone 6 with only 16g but I have needed a new update for about a year now. I was unable to mute my phone without going through some odd back door way, using a triple click of a button. I also did not have enough storage left to update the software. I have upgraded to the new iPhone X and let’s just say that I hope I won’t have to upgrade my phone for many, many years. This phone and I have a five-year plan together. It’s not a contract or anything, it’s just how long I hope to get out of it before needing a new upgrade.

I might have been able to do this on my previous phone, I never really checked into it, but I am actually speaking to text right now, from my new phone. I used to be able to produce content five days a week for my blog, but since I started working part time at the end of summer, the timing of posts have been sporadic. I am hoping that now I found this “new” feature I will be motivated to update my blog even more often.

The thing that I am most excited about with this new phone is the ability to take some good quality photos, conveniently. My old phone did not take the best photos and given the life stage that I’m currently in (being a mom to a three-year-old and working part time) I use my phone way more often than my DSLR camera. It’s just more convenient and more practical to use my phone when taking pictures in most situations, which was a big factor of my decision making process when going to purchase this new iPhone X. It’s well known for taking great pictures! Here is a picture that I took in a dimly lit room earlier tonight.

Probably not the best example of what the iPhone X can do since the photo is so dark but, in knowing the lighting situation, I think it turned out pretty great! More than anything, I am most excited about updating my blog from my phone, quite easily! Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon, because of it!

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