Friday, January 11, 2019

New Baby + Family Fun

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, it finally began looking like winter around here. We actually had some fairly early snow to start off the season and then we had a bit of a break. Piper was very excited for it's return this week!

A lot of great things happened this week, the best being that my sister, Beckah, gave birth to her second baby! Finnegan is here and I am blessed to be an aunt of two sweet little boys! My sister and her little family are doing so incredibly well at home despite being far away from home, stationed in Japan. God has truly blessed them and His work in their lives has been apparent. God is good!

This week went by really fast for us and so, I hope the weekend goes a bit slower. Tonight we are planning on going swimming as a family at the YMCA. Between Nick starting a new class with the church on Monday and Life Group on Wednesday, we decided to schedule in a little family fun to get us all out together tonight and I'm so glad that we did! 

We have been paying much more attention to our calendar lately and it's really been paying off. We haven't felt so rushed and, we've been scheduling in our priorities so we don't miss our on what's important to us. Family time is definitely a priority of ours and so we are really looking forward to tonight!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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