Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekend Recap + Ralph Breaks the Internet

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty great!

On Saturday, we went to the movies to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Piper loved the first movie, Wreck It Ralph, so much that she has requested to have a Wreck It Ralph themed birthday party for her 4th birthday in a few weeks! Going to the movies to see the new Wreck It Ralph movie really made her day, and ours!

After the movies, we went to Target to find a Wreck It Ralph figurine for her birthday cake. While we were there, we found a few super cute Wreck It Ralph shirts that were 50% off on clearance and so, of course we snagged those up, as well. We are in for all things Wreck It Ralph right now!

On Sunday, we woke up early for church. My mom ended up taking Piper to her house for lunch and so, Nick and I went to Subway for a lunch date followed up by a quick trip to the grocery store for a couple things I forgot to get on Friday.

In between all of the highlights this weekend was a lot of relaxing. It was just the kind of weekend we all needed. I am super proud to say that I stayed on track during the entire weekend, too. I managed to stay within calories all weekend even with a trip to the movie theater and going out on a lunch date! I am feeling super empowered for making healthy choices and keeping my health a priority. The key for me was that I still indulged a little (I definitely had some popcorn, diet coke and chocolate this weekend) but not too much so I could stay within my calorie range. Moderation and balance!

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