Wednesday, February 6, 2019

New Water Bottle + Scale Accountability

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday! Earlier this week, I turned 31. I didn't really want to celebrate my birthday but, my husband got me a little gift anyway.

It was actually the perfect gift. He gave me a new water bottle that holds up to 40 oz. of water and so now I only have to fill the bottle 3 times each day to reach my water goal! He really surprised me because I hadn't even mentioned wanting a new water bottle to him. He's just so great!

Speaking of my water goal, I have been doing a decent job at reaching it lately. If not reaching it completely, I have gotten close enough most days which really helps! I haven't been the best at tracking my nutrition during this first week of February and so making sure I get enough water seems to  help balance all of that out.

This month, I will be doing weekly weigh-in's on Friday. Last Friday was the first day of February and I weighed in at 237.4 lbs. I checked this morning, mid-week, and I am at 237.8 lbs. I am glad that I checked the scale a couple days early because now I am motivated to start tracking my nutrition again. It's easy to slip out of routine and the accountability of the scale has been nice enough to bring me back on track!

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