Monday, April 29, 2019

New Work Schedule + Mentor

Hello and, happy Monday!

Today is the first day on my new schedule of working just Tuesday and Thursday's each week! I use to also work for a couple hours in the morning on Monday's but, I think this shift of hours will be better for a few different reasons. First of all, summer childcare will be easier! I am so happy that we found in-home childcare for Piper this summer. I am happy that between my schedule and my husband's we will only need childcare for 7 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This shift of hours will also be good for my mind. It was proving to be a little difficult for me to just work for a couple hours on Monday mornings and then shut it off for the rest of the day. I often would plug back in during Piper's nap or just have work on my mind most of the day, in general. I hope that by having more solid blocks of time for work that I will be able to shut it down easier when I'm not working.

Now that I have Monday morning's back and Piper is still in preschool through the beginning of June, I hope to use this time to write more blogs. I will also be using some Monday mornings to meet with a mentor friend. This morning will be my first time meeting with her in this capacity and, I'm excited to draw some wisdom from her! Having raised eight (8) children, she has plenty of wisdom to share! I am blessed to be getting some time with her, today.

As for blogging, I am so looking forward to getting back into the groove of it all. I think having Monday mornings freed up will help!

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