Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Great Lakes Science Center Vlog

It may not be Thursday yet but, I have a throwback for you. It's taken me a little while (two months to be exact) to edit this vlog from our mini family vacation in Cleveland. Once summer hit, all bets were off. I finally carved out some time this weekend to get it done, though.

We stayed overnight in Cleveland a couple months ago with the main event of our trip being the Great Lakes Science Center! We had so much fun! I wrote a blog about it back in May, which you can check out here: Mini Vacation Recap - CLE.

Earlier this Spring, Nick and I decided that instead of taking one big family trip this year, we would break our vacations up into mini trips once per month this summer. This trip to the Great Lakes Science Center was our first of those mini trips. I love watching the footage from our trip and I hope you enjoy it, as well!

For those of you considering taking the trip, our daughter was 4 years old at the time and she had a blast! My 31 year old husband enjoyed it just as much, too. They have exhibits for all ages!

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