Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Brant's Apple Orchard with My Sister's Family

Last week, amidst all of the fair fun, we took a trip to Brant's Apple Orchard with my sister's family! Declan rode with us, which made us all so happy! When your sister's family is stationed in Japan, it's truly the little things, like this, that mean so much!

While they were visiting with us last week, Beckah's husband, Jarrod, introduced us to Brant's Apple Orchard. This was our first time visiting and it certainly won't be our last!

It was a chilly Fall-like day when we visited and so a majority of us got their broccoli cheddar soup for lunch. It was amazing!

I know the next time we visit Brant's Apple Orchard will be bitter-sweet for us, since Beckah's family will be back in Japan.

It was so special to visit this place with them for our first time, and we will cherish the memories!

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