Friday, November 8, 2019

DITL - Monday 11/4

It's been a while since I've done a "Day in the Life" (DITL) post and so I figured I'd share one with you today!

Monday was the first weekday of daylight savings and, it was a good day! However, we did had a little bit of a rough start when Piper wanted to wake up for the day at 4:30 am. We did manage to get her to lay back down, and I got a little more sleep myself.

I officially woke up at 6:00. I would like to start being more intentional about waking up earlier so I can start the day with a little self care. On Monday, self care looked a lot like this:

I grabbed a cup of coffee (thanks, Nick!), lit a candle and read my devotional. I also began to plan for the week ahead in my planner. 

After that, came the morning routine for preschool. In a perfect world, our morning routine would begin when Piper wakes up at 7:30 am. However, with daylight savings and some of our ongoing sleep troubles, I don't believe that's happening anytime soon. On Monday, I was able to get Piper to lay in bed until about 6:30! That was a good compromise considering she had wanted to wake up much earlier.

After the morning routine, I dropped Piper off at preschool. When I got back home, I did a quick clean of the kitchen.

I also checked-in with a couple friends and folded about 2 loads of laundry during Piper's morning at preschool. It was a good, slow morning at home. 

Just before picking Piper up from preschool, I packed a lunch for the two of us.

I picked Piper up from preschool at 11:30, and we both ate our lunch in the car, on our way to the YMCA. I dropped Piper off at the child watch at the Y, while I spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

When I picked Piper up from child watch, she was excited to show me the turkey she had colored with her friends (blue turkey with brown feathers and a pink hat)!

Since the weather was decent for a Fall day, we went to the zoo for a quick visit!

We got back home around 2:30. We snuggled up and watched a movie together on the couch until Nick got home around 3:30. We all hung out and got each other caught up on our day. I began making dinner around 4:30.

On Monday, we almost always tend to have salmon, broccoli and rice for dinner. Sometimes we'll switch it up by having macaroni and cheese instead of rice, or we'll switch up the type of fish but, we almost always start the week out with this light and healthy meal.

After dinner, we stayed at the table for another hour playing multiple rounds of Candy Land and Uno.

Around 6:30, we began our evening routine with bath time, books and snuggles before bed. Nick usually takes over most of the evening routine since he doesn't get as much time with Piper during the day. This gives me a little time to fold more laundry, relax with a show or get something done.

Thinking about our average day, I'd have to say we are really enjoying the balance of it all.

These truly are "the days"!

God is good.

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