Monday, November 11, 2019

Highlights & Weight Loss Rewards

Hello, and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you're feeling ready to take on the week ahead! This weekend was great for us! Instead of sharing a full recap, I will share a couple highlights. 

Speaking of highlights, I got some added to my hair on Saturday! A fresh cut and color was a real nice way to fill my self-care bucket. This was also my weight-loss reward for losing a total of 45 lbs. This was a big milestone to celebrate!

Looking back at my weight-loss rewards page, I haven't reached a new low weight in 6 years. I am excited to get back to tracking my weight-loss rewards as I continue to lose more weight. Since I've been rewarding myself for every 5 lb. milestone, I am already super close to my next reward! I weighed in at 223 lbs. this morning. Only 3 more pounds to go until my next reward!

Now, back to the weekend highlights. On Friday, we went to a local arcade for a fun family night out! We all love to play games and so, this was a nice treat for all of us!

Since we have some snow in the forecast this week and, we don't have our snow-tire appointment until this coming weekend, I will be doing most of my workouts from home! I will be trying some workouts from a new app, and will be reporting back on with my review on it all in a few weeks! From my quick review of what's offered in the app, I am really excited to get started! It feels good to be excited to workout! I am going to try my first workout this morning, right after this post goes live.

I hope you all have a great day, and try to make healthy choices this week, no matter how big or small. Just choose well for your wellness!

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