Monday, December 9, 2019

Maintain Don't Gain - Up For The Challenge

We're a little over a week into December and you may have noticed that I didn't share any goals for this month, as I have been doing in previous months. 

While I love setting weight-loss goals for myself, I have come to find that the best goal for me during the holidays is to "maintain, don't gain". That's all the challenge I need this time of year!

Currently, I am 20 lbs. down in total for this year. I would like to end the year with that accomplishment still in tact. With Thanksgiving and early Christmas parties, I have already maintained my loss for a month. I am feeling super motivated to maintain and not gain for the remainder of December.

I plan to moderately indulge during social events and aim to stay within my nutrition goals at all other times. Balance is going to be my friend this month. The holidays, and really life in general, has no room for that "all or nothing" mentality that I always fight against. "All or nothing" is a diet mentality, and if you're a long time reader then you know from this post that I am not a fan of that mentality at all.

This week, I am going to focus on sticking within my nutrition goals, drinking plenty of water and getting some activity in. We had a fun weekend with a few social gatherings, and we have a few more coming up this next weekend. So this week is crucial to maintain balance.

I am up for the challenge! Are you? Let's do this!

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  1. Great job losing 20 pounds!! I am with you on maintaining If I can make it maintaining through Christmas I will be so happy!!