Monday, April 20, 2020

Easter at Home 2020

Happy Monday, everyone! The sun is shining here and I am feeling a sense of clarity in my mind.

Tomorrow marks 40 days since life started changing for our family, due to COVID-19. I feel incredibly blessed that we've been impacted in such small ways (small ways that sometimes feel bigger than they are) in comparison to others. Nick is partially back to work, and I still have the awesome opportunity to be working from home during this season.

Personally, I've had some incredible days at home, and also some days where I have been battling anxiety. Thankfully the good days far outweigh the bad, and today is one of those incredible days! 

It's the first day in weeks where I used my planner to keep track of some tasks I wanted to complete for the day. Something as simple as making a to-do list has helped bring some sense normalcy back into my day, and it feels good. Typing out this blog was one of the items on that list!

While Easter was a little over a week ago, I still want to share some pictures and a recap of our day!

Piper was so excited to see what the Easter bunny brought her on Easter morning! She especially was excited for her big surprise from mom and dad - her brand new bike!

After the Easter basket fun, we went back upstairs to watch Church online, from the comfort of our bed. I wasn't feeling too well that morning and it was so great to have the opportunity to rest in bed while watching the service!

Later that afternoon, we took Piper's new bike out for a spin and she did really well with it! We were blessed with some warmer weather on Easter, so we spent as much time outside that afternoon as we could! As for Easter dinner, my mom spoiled us with a full Easter dinner delivered to our house! We had leftovers for days! It was awesome!

As for the week following Easter, it was really cold and snowy! We made the best of the snow but, we still didn't get outside as much as we'd like last week. We are looking forward to some warmer days coming soon!

I'm hoping this was one of our last (if not the last) snowfalls for the season. Staying at home during this seasons is so much more manageable when we can get outside!

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