Friday, May 22, 2020

11 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Hello, and happy Friday! This was my husband's first full week back to work since March and so, Friday is a very exciting day, again! At just over 11 weeks pregnant, I cannot wait for the chance to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Now that Nick is back to work, I am working from home with my 5 year old daughter a couple days a week. Working from home wasn't as hard as I thought it would be this week. The first day was a little rough but, the second day couldn't have gone any better! Being able to take my laptop outside on the nice-weather days really helps. I think we're working on figuring out a rhythm that works best for us, already!

At 11 weeks pregnant, I have been seeing some improvements while also struggling a bit. The improvement is that my nausea is starting to fade! It's so incredible to be free of that nagging nausea feeling all times of the day and night! 

I have been struggling, however, with some intense fatigue and back issues. I actually had to call in a chiropractor on their day off to help me with my back issues because my rib had slipped (I suspect it happened when I was dealing with some morning sickness) and the rib being out made it difficult to take a full breath without intense pain. She was able to fix it so I could breathe again, but I have still been having pain and have been generally uncomfortable because of my back issues this week. My actual chiropractor is back from surgery next week, and I cannot wait to see her again!

Another benefit of working from home is that I haven't actually had to wear jeans or any other kind of pants that aren't either sweat pants or pajama pants. I am actually nervous to try on jeans again because I suspect they will no longer fit, and feel super uncomfortable. 

The bump is starting to grow! Dresses are going to be my friend this summer!

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