Wednesday, June 17, 2020

First Trimester: Week 9 - 13 | Baby #2

I'm 15 weeks pregnant today and I feel very blessed to be here right now!! Below is my update from the last few weeks of my first trimester with Baby #2.

Week 9:
- Less nausea, some days. Now having moments (hours) of extreme fatigue in the afternoons
- Active hours 7:30-11:30am, then my energy dips majorly for the remainder of the day
- Eating most of my food for the day in the mornings, hungry for dinner around 3pm
- More spotting this week but no cramping, I'll get a sonogram to check on baby soon
- Craving: peanut butter pie and chocolate covered pretzels

10 weeks
Week 10:
- Nausea came back in full force
- Finally had to give in to the morning sickness on the morning of week 10
- This was the hardest week of pregnancy so far!
- I had terrible back issues this week. My rib slipped out of place while I was sleeping, limiting my breathing
- Adjustment from the chiropractor helped my back a little

Week 11:
- Nausea continues but I experience some days without it
- Still struggling with back pain which makes it hard to sleep at night
- Having more days where I can stay up later but still going up to bed around 6/7pm
- By the end of this week, my back pain was resolved

Week 12:
- Finally feeling some relief from all day nausea
- 12 week sonogram went well! Baby kept rolling around and hiding their face during the scan.
- Glucose test was negative for gestational diabetes

Week 13:
- Nausea is gone! But still having some aversions to food
- Never mind, nausea is back but manageable
- Started to feel the baby move/roll around when resting at night!
- Craving: peanut buster parfaits and the Mona Lisa sandwich from Picasso's (I had 2 this week!), also this week I have been totally bagel obsessed

A more current update:

Now that I am not experiencing much first trimester symptoms, being pregnant has felt so surreal. I cannot believe that in just 5 short months our lives will forever be changed with another sweet baby to love and share our lives with!

This week in particular (wk 15), I have been feeling a lot of fear over the future and how we will manage keeping the baby safe while being born in the height of cold and flu season (Dec 9 due date), during a  global pandemic

Please say some prayers for peace of mind, and for truth to fill my mind and heart. God is so good. He has answered our prayers! Our baby is growing perfectly on track with no complications. I want to trust in Him fully for the future, as well. I pray for baby's safe arrival and for baby's health!

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