Sunday, July 26, 2020

20 Week Ultrasound | Baby #2

Wow! I can't believe we're already more than halfway through this pregnancy. I feel like in so many ways it's just beginning! My husband was finally able to join me for a sonogram (he was unable to come to my appointments in the first trimester due to COVID restrictions) and it was so amazing to experience the 20-week ultrasound together!

Baby is doing great! We got to see the baby bouncing around for a half hour during the ultrasound. We had to look away when the ultrasound tech was checking on the gender, as we wanted to wait to find out when we were alone and could have those real, raw emotions together. We did the same thing during my pregnancy with Piper, and both experiences were equally incredible! I will never forget the gasp and tears that came when we pulled the sonogram picture from the envelope that said... the gender! I am tearing up just thinking of that time, now. It was so, so special!

After the appointment, my husband and I ordered lunch from Picasso's, a local sandwich shop that creates one of my biggest pregnancy cravings - the Mona Lisa sandwich! We took the lunch to-go, and drove to the top of a hill, with an awesome view, and we waited. We waited a couple minutes for me to work up the nerve to check the envelope! In those moments, I had this bittersweet realization that this was it! This was the last time we'd be experiencing the joy of a surprise such as this! Also, I was just really, really nervous to open the envelope!

My husband and I pulled out the sonogram from the envelope at the same time and we cried the happiest, most joyful tears! 

We'll be sharing the gender reveal very soon! We only have a few more family members to inform and then, we get to tell the world! We can't wait to share the news. God is so good!

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  1. So, so wonderful, Kalyn! I can't wait to read your post about the baby's gender!! Congratulations and blessings.