Friday, July 17, 2020

Second Trimester: Weeks 14-18 | Baby #2

Hello! I am a little over 19 weeks pregnant now, and so excited to be finding out the gender of our baby in just 7 more days! My husband has been making great progress on the nursery, and I got to spend some time in there, rocking away in the rocking chair while dreaming of just who this little one is going to be!

Before too much more time passes, I want to share an update from my pregnancy during weeks 14-18.

Week 14:
- Feeling fairly normal in my days and loving it!
- Had one day where I felt the wave of first-trimester-like symptoms
- Slight cramping some nights - the baby is growing!

Week 15:
- Belly is starting to feel bigger, but most of my pants still fit!
- Having some more back issues this week, but nothing major
- Overall feeling really good

Week 16:
- Had a check-up with my OBGYN office and Nick got to join me for the first time since COVID-19
- We're now able to find the heartbeat very easily with our at-home doppler
- Not feeling any pregnancy symptoms this week beyond some mild fatigue

Week 17:
- Hormonal and tired but still feeling fairly normal
- Getting some major progress done on the nursery this week
- Gave into some morning sickness in the middle of the night and felt off for a few days after

Week 18:
- This was an easy week with no symptoms
- My pregnancy pillow is my best friend as my belly continues to grow
- Feeling baby kicks in the evenings and loving it!

More updates to come! Just a little slower than usual since we're enjoying our summer while it's here!

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