Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Piper's 5th Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese

This is definitely considered a throwback post since Piper's birthday party happened SEVEN months ago! I can't believe I never shared about Piper's birthday party this past winter. I love sharing these memories for our future-selves to look back on, so I decided not to wait another day!

A few months prior to the mere thought of a world-wide pandemic, when life as we knew it was normal, we gathered some friends and family at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Piper's 5th Birthday!


This video and these photos serve as such sweet memories, even more-so now that we know we will not be able to gather with friends and family in this way anytime soon.

We were all blessed with a fun-filled celebration for Piper's 5th Birthday!
We are so proud of our 5 year old!

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