Monday, September 28, 2020

3 Hour Glucose Test at 29 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #2

Happy Monday! It's an extra happy Monday over here because I got some good news from the doctor. Last week, I had to go in for a 3 hour glucose test (for gestational diabetes) and I just recently found out that I passed the test. No gestational diabetes for me!

The testing itself was a challenge. I had to be fasting for the appointment so I didn't have anything to eat or drink since 6pm the night prior. My testing was scheduled to begin around 9:45am (but didn't start until 10:00). I got a blood draw every hour, ending at 1pm. By the time it was all over, I was essentially fasted from food and water for 19 straight hours. Being 29 weeks pregnant and without food/water for that long really messed me up.

Later that night, I woke up at 11pm with the most intense and painful contractions and back pain. At one point they were so bad I was bent over crying in pain, trying to breathe through the contractions. We considered calling the doctor but we knew they would send us in to the hospital and we were trying to avoid that until we saw how long this all lasted. Nick did a good job trying to keep me calm and comfortable. He timed my contractions and they were so irregular. I had about 3 intervals of contractions for 15-20 minutes at a time with 5 - 10 minute breaks in between. I was finally able to get some rest around 1:00am. 

I have my next appointment with my doctor this Friday, at which point we'll discuss this all with him. Our guess is that I had these contractions because I was so dehydrated from fasting and bloodwork earlier that day. I've increased my water intake to a gallon each day since and we've been contraction free! If the contractions were to happen again prior to my appointment this week, I would call the doctor because then our theory of dehydration would be out the window.

This morning, baby girl is kicking up a storm! Praising God for getting us through that rough night and for these sweet (and strong) baby kicks this morning!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Anniversary Date in the Woods

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated 11 years of marriage with a date in the woods! When trying to decide what we wanted to do for our anniversary, we knew one thing - we wanted to avoid a crowd. 

Between COVID-19 and being 28 weeks pregnant at the time, we felt most comfortable staying local and wanted to be fairly secluded for this anniversary celebration. An intimate date in the woods met our comfort level perfectly for this particular season in our lives!

We dropped our daughter off with my mom around 3pm on Saturday, and our anniversary date started right away! First, we went to Walmart where we gave each other 15 minutes to split up and search the store for small gifts that represented each of the 5 senses. We saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute! What we didn't realize was how much fun it would be!

After the gift hunt, we ordered take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. Nick deferred to my pregnancy craving for dinner, which on this particular night was pasta and chocolate cake! We had just enough time to stop by our house and wrap the gifts for one another before picking up the food and heading out to the woods!

In order to get to the location of our date, we had to drive through a field. This is where a SUV really comes in handy, as well as a husband who use to drive around in a field car when he was younger. When we arrived, we both got started making the woods our own little retreat for the evening. Nick strung the lights while I set up the gift and food table. We both scattered comfy blankets and pillows in the back of the truck and then, it was time to eat!

It was a chilly evening outside, which kept the bugs at bay. The back of the truck stayed nice and warm. We listened to the woods around us and a playlist I made on Spotify. It's really hard to put into words how peaceful and intimate that evening was for the two of us. While back in the woods, it truly felt like the rest of the world fell away and it was just him and I (and baby girl in my tummy, of course). 

We got to reminisce of where we've been (together since 15 years old), share about how proud and blessed we are to be parents to our girls, and we got to dream about what's to come. We prayed with each other, we laughed, and I cried happy tears (pregnancy hormones).

It was an anniversary date that we will not soon forget!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Second Trimester: Weeks 24 - 27 | Baby #2

Right now, I am 28 weeks pregnancy and doing so well! I can't believe I am in my third trimester with sweet baby #2! The second trimester was truly incredible. The honeymoon stage of pregnancy did not disappoint! 

I can't tell you how many times in these past couple months my husband has stopped me in my tracks to help me with something I probably shouldn't be doing while pregnant (like carrying loads of laundry down two flights of stairs). All because I felt so normal during my second trimester that I would sometimes forget that I'm pregnant! Now that I'm in the third trimester, and baby girl is getting much larger, there are no more moments of "forgetting that I'm pregnant" these days. 

Week 24: 
- Nick was able to come to another appointment with me (a luxury in a pandemic) 
- During my sonogram, baby girl kept her hands by her face, it was so sweet

Week 25:
- Heartburn is visiting after meals during the day, causing mild discomfort
- Still able to get a good amount of sleep with only a trip or two to the bathroom
- Craving homemade food from my childhood at Nana's 
(Salisbury Steaks + Mashed Potatoes on repeat)

Week 26:
- Bump is growing
- Rolling from side to side at night is just starting to become a challenge
- Kicks are getting stronger (and sometimes a little painful)

Week 27:
- I can't believe I'm in the third trimester already!
- Tying my shoes is starting to get harder
- Nursery is very close to being finished (just need baseboards & decor)

I can't believe I'll only be posting 3 more recaps like this before baby girl arrives! I am so in love with her already.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Second Trimester: Weeks 19 - 23 | Baby #2

With the end of summer and the ramping up of Fall, I have fallen a little behind on my pregnancy updates! Today, I'll be sharing a recap from weeks 19 - 23!

Week 19:
- Baby kicks are getting stronger this week
- Getting super excited to find out the gender next week!
- Making more progress on the nursery!

Week 20
- Nick was able to attend my 20 week sonogram!
- We found out the baby is a GIRL!
- We had a joyful week, sharing the news with family and friends!

Week 21:
- Starting to feel the baby grow larger
- Loving the soft little baby kicks
- Still able to get a decent amount of sleep without issues

Week 22:
- Aches and pains begin (especially in the pelvis)
- Feeling and looking noticeably bigger

Week 23:
- Aches and pains continue but thankfully only feeling them more-so in the evenings
- Baby is very active at night and around 4am
- Grateful to still be getting a decent amount of sleep at night!

The second trimester was such an amazing season for us! I'll be posting the final update for my second trimester in just a couple days!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Our Remote Kindergarten Schedule

Due to the global pandemic, we have chosen to school our daughter from home this year. We had multiple choices to pick from when it came to schooling Piper during the 2020-2021 school year. Ultimately, we picked a virtual option offered through our school district. 

We will soon be welcoming a newborn into our home in about 3 months, which played a big role in our decision for the type of schooling we're providing in the midst of a pandemic. We will continue re-evaluate our decision as the school year progresses, keeping Piper and our family's best interests in mind.

We picked remote schooling for Piper this year because we felt it would work best for our current family situation. We understand every family has different circumstances they are considering when choosing the type of schooling for their children this year. Please don't fall into the trap of comparison when it comes to picking schooling options. We're all just doing the best we can to navigate this all, given our individual circumstances. 

Piper's teacher provides pre-recorded lessons for Math and English each day. Since a majority of Piper's lessons are pre-recorded, we have the flexibility to create our own school schedule. For those who are interested in learning more about how we're making remote learning work from home with Kindergartner, I'm sharing our schooling and family schedule below.

Monday - Friday

7:00 - 8:00
Slowly Wake-Up 
Get Dressed
Brush Teeth
Free Play

8:00 - 9:00
Mom Lesson Preps Materials

9:00 - 10:00
English Lesson & Assignments

10:00 - 11:00
Snack & Wiggle Break (outside when we can)

11:00 - 12:00
Math Lesson & Assignments

12:00 - 1:00

1:00 - 1:30
LIVE Calendar Time with Class

1:30 - 3:30
Free Play / Outing

3:30 - 4:30
Family Time
Homework (LEXIA / Moby Max)

4:30 - 5:30

5:30 - 8:30
Family Time (outside when we can)
Bath Time
Bedtime Routine

We spend about 3.5 hours on schooling each day. Sometimes my prep time takes longer, and I've clocked in about 5 hours of school time on the longer days.

Obviously, this is what our weekday routine looks like prior to adding a baby to the mix! I am not sure how it will all look once Baby #2 arrives in three months. However, I'll be happy to share an update of how we end up making it all work. Who knows, Piper may be back to in-person schooling by that time but, for now we are feeling at peace with keeping her home and her current learning environment. As hard as some days may be, we are blessed to be facilitating Kindergarten safely at home.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I have a heart for helping others and I want you to know that no matter how you're choosing to school your children this year - we're all in this together!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Labor Day Weekend + Baby Prep Project

Hello, and happy Labor Day! This weekend was filled with a good mix of fun, down-time, and baby prep projects! 

Now that we're a couple weeks into remote Kindergarten, I especially enjoyed the three-day weekend off from lesson prep and facilitation. As much as we are growing to love our new adventure with schooling, it was good to just be "mom" this weekend!

I do look forward to sharing more about our remote learning adventure, soon! To be honest, it hasn't all been easy or fun; especially during the first week! There were many nights where I would cry because I wasn't sure if we were making the right decision and because I was worried about how we were going to make it all work (especially with a baby due in a couple months). However, now that we're settling into our new routine, we are growing to love all sorts of things about remote learning! I have been thinking about recording a new "day in the life" type vlog surrounding a full school day at home. At the very least, I will make sure to share the schedule we've settled into soon, as it's been working so well for us!

As for Labor Day weekend projects, there have been quite a few! Some of which happened in the nursery for Baby #2! While I'd love to show you some progress on our nursery, I think I want to save that for another post. Instead, I will share a different project we accomplished this weekend which was on my baby prep checklist.

We took advantage of the Labor Day sales and bought ourselves a brand new dishwasher! Our dishwasher stopped working about three years ago. I did have a functional dishwasher when Piper was a baby, which was amazing to have for baby bottle sanitation purposes! Not to mention the overall convenience of a dishwasher, and how amazing it is to have in general. 

My husband did the entire install himself in just a coupe hours. We are so blessed by his talents!

Tonight, I am looking forward to running our new dishwasher for the first time! But first, we need to get some dishes dirty from our Turkey Chili dinner.