Monday, September 7, 2020

Labor Day Weekend + Baby Prep Project

Hello, and happy Labor Day! This weekend was filled with a good mix of fun, down-time, and baby prep projects! 

Now that we're a couple weeks into remote Kindergarten, I especially enjoyed the three-day weekend off from lesson prep and facilitation. As much as we are growing to love our new adventure with schooling, it was good to just be "mom" this weekend!

I do look forward to sharing more about our remote learning adventure, soon! To be honest, it hasn't all been easy or fun; especially during the first week! There were many nights where I would cry because I wasn't sure if we were making the right decision and because I was worried about how we were going to make it all work (especially with a baby due in a couple months). However, now that we're settling into our new routine, we are growing to love all sorts of things about remote learning! I have been thinking about recording a new "day in the life" type vlog surrounding a full school day at home. At the very least, I will make sure to share the schedule we've settled into soon, as it's been working so well for us!

As for Labor Day weekend projects, there have been quite a few! Some of which happened in the nursery for Baby #2! While I'd love to show you some progress on our nursery, I think I want to save that for another post. Instead, I will share a different project we accomplished this weekend which was on my baby prep checklist.

We took advantage of the Labor Day sales and bought ourselves a brand new dishwasher! Our dishwasher stopped working about three years ago. I did have a functional dishwasher when Piper was a baby, which was amazing to have for baby bottle sanitation purposes! Not to mention the overall convenience of a dishwasher, and how amazing it is to have in general. 

My husband did the entire install himself in just a coupe hours. We are so blessed by his talents!

Tonight, I am looking forward to running our new dishwasher for the first time! But first, we need to get some dishes dirty from our Turkey Chili dinner.

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