Monday, November 16, 2020

36 Weeks with Baby #2

Today, I’m 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant! I’m officially in my 9th month of this pregnancy and I am feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful. Over the past 9 months, I have felt this baby girl grow, kick, wiggle, and hiccup inside of me. I can already tell she is a sweet soul. My heart is jumping for joy at the thought of holding this sweet girl in my arms in just a few short weeks!

In so many ways this pregnancy has gone incredibly fast. I don’t have my hospital bag packed yet but that is definitely on the list of things to do asap! We have scheduled our csection but part of me wondering if this little one will start trying to come on her own before our scheduled date. She has been head down for many weeks now and I have been experiencing an influx of Braxton Hicks contractions over the past week. The contractions aren’t really painful, just uncomfortable. Overall I am still feeling really good physically, which is such a blessing!

While all is going well, I must admit that preparing to welcome a baby into the world during what seems as the height of this global pandemic for our country has been challenging in many different ways. 

I know postpartum will be extra lonely this time around as we’ll self-quarantine for a while to keep our newborn safe. There will be no Christmas gatherings this year. These couple weeks leading up to delivery we are on self-quarantine as well. We won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving with anyone outside our home.

While the weather was unseasonably nice early last week, we took advantage of it by visiting with some family and friends for a final time before our planned family quarantine began.

During my Friday prenatal check up, we learned there will be no visitors allowed in the hospital after baby’s arrival. I am allowed to have 1 support person with me during delivery and recovery, which I hope doesn’t change as COVID cases continue to increase daily. My husband is planning on being with me in the hospital as long as the care person for our daughter stays healthy and well. 

We have a plan in place but we’re highly aware that things can change at any minute leading up to delivery. If at the time of delivery we don’t have a healthy care person for Piper, I may be going through a majority of the delivery and recovery in the hospital alone. This is also true if hospital regulations change between now and delivery. While that is all very anxiety-inducing to think about, I do feel a sense of peace at my core. On the surface I have a lot of anxiety and fear about how this pandemic pregnancy will conclude. But, at the core, I can rest in knowing God is with me, and He will not leave me.

I am at the point in pregnancy where I so desperately want her to be in my arms but I will also miss having her with me in this way. The 9th month of pregnancy is bittersweet in that way.

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